Eataly New York Celebrates Umbria

Wed, 11/27/2013 - 07:07

For the entire month of November, Eataly New York has been celebrating Umbria with a showcase of typical products, such as truffles, legumes, spelt (farro), olive oil, saffron, wine and more.  

The special event includes direct sale of Umbrian products, tastings guided by local producers, thematic dinners presented by Umbria chefs and workshops.

"In Umbria, there are people who have a passion for food and wine, with a modern vision of how they are to be presented and is the same philosophy at Eataly," said Dino Borri, a senior manager at Eataly. "Working with the Umbrians, who are entrepreneurs or representatives of institutions, we find an empathy with what we do here."

The initiative, ending in a few days, features a group of photographs taken by legendary photographer Steve McCurry, part of the “Sensational Umbria” photographic project to launch the Italian region as a tourist destination.

It is all part of a growing interest for Umbria, which has a lot to offer in terms of art, history, nature and food , but is often overshadowed by neighboring Tuscany. The U.S. magazine Wine Enthusiast has announced the February issue will be devoted to Umbria with a chance for readers to win two wine trips there.

In the meantime, watch our selection of Steve McCurry’s photographs of Umbria: /sensational-umbria-steve-mccurry-photographs-italian-region


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