Gambero Rosso Publishes First Ever Italian Pizzeria Guide

Sat, 08/03/2013 - 05:00
words by Carol King Gambero Rosso has published ‘Pizzerie d’Italia’, the first ever guide to Italy pizzerias. Revered as the publisher of the Italian restaurant bible, Gambero Rosso has branched out to produce a pizzeria guide that reviews more than 400 pizza establishments in Italy. The guide includes locales noted for both traditional and experimental pizza making, and it is divided into three categories: Neapolitan, Italian and gourmet pizzas. The guide rates top pizzerias with a symbol showing three pizza slices or three pizza wheels, depending on whether it refers to whole or cut pizza. The Campania region comes out strongest in the Neapolitan pizza section with 10 restaurants. In the Italian pizza section, Rome has two restaurants, and in the gourmet section, Veneto has the strongest presence with three restaurants. Among the winners of Gambero Rosso’s highest rating is the Spaccio restaurant at San Patrignano rehabilitation community in Coriano, Rimini. The restaurant is unusual in that it is in a recovery centre for people with drug-addiction problems. Each year, the centre trains 10 residents to be pizza makers, and those trained have gone on to find work as pizza makers upon completing the programme. If you want to make great Italian style Pizza at home, do not miss our Pizza Recipe.