Hotels in Italy Rank Relatively Low in Hotel Price Radar Report

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 02:15

Despite the growing perception of rising hotel prices in Italy tends to make people believe the Bel Paese is getting too expensive, HRS Hotel Price Radar, a recent report by hotel ratings and booking service HRS of more than 250,000 hotels worldwide, shows that Milan and Rome actually rank 22nd and 25th in the list of most expensive hotels. 

The average hotel room in Rome goes for 87.92 euros per night (up 5% on the year), while in the fashion capital Milan the avarage room coast 108.49 euros per night (up 11%). Milan is followed by Bolzano's average 107.81 euros and Venice's 102.44 euros, while the best prices are to be found in Naples, where the average room costs 76.00 euros per night.

The rates fell well under those in other cities around the world: first in the list is Sydney, where a room costs an avarage 173 euros per night, followed by New York at 152.52 euros per night, Los Angeles (148.48), Washington (144.36) and London (140.49).

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