How to Say: At Home

Mon, 06/08/2015 - 12:00
Picturesque Italian houses

If you’re considering buying a house in Italy, or you simply want to impress your Italian friends the next time they host you in their home by showing off your vocabulary, learn these words related to types of houses and rooms in the home.

Types of houses

Casa - house

Appartamento – apartment

Palazzo / Palazzina / Condominio – apartment building

Casa al mare – beach house

Casa in montagna – mountain home

Casa di campagna – country home

Villa – villa

Fattoria / Casale / Casolare – farmhouse

Monolocale - studio

Places in the home

Stanza - room

Ingresso - hall

Cucina – kitchen

Sala da pranzo – dining room

Soggiorno – living room

Camera da letto – bedroom

Bagno – bathroom

Terrazza / Balcone – terrace/balcony

Studio – study room/home office

Sgabuzzino – storage room