How to Say 'I prefer/I rather' in Italian

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 04:00

You have been offered a glass of red wine, but you prefer white wine instead! You have been suggested to catch a bus to reach your destination, but you prefer to get a taxi! Someone offered you a ride, but you'd rather walk! The shop assistant insists you look stunning in a red dress, but you prefer the blue one?

So how can you explain what you prefer in Italian?

The main verb to use is 'preferire' - 'to prefer'  and the most direct expression to use is 'Preferisco' - 'I prefer/ I rather'.

'No grazie preferisco del vino bianco.' - 'No thanks, I prefer white wine.'

'Preferirei prendere un taxi.' - 'I'd rather take a taxi.'

'No grazie, preferisco camminare.' - 'No thanks, I prefer walking.'

'Grazie, ma preferisco comprare la taglia più grande.' - 'Thanks, but I prefer to buy the bigger size.'

If you want to ask someone else what they prefer:

'Preferisci il vino bianco o il vino rosso?' - 'Do you prefer white or red wine?'

'Preferite (plural) prendere l'autobus o il taxi?' - 'Do you prefer catching the bus or getting a taxi?'

'Preferite cenare al ristorante o in pizzeria?' - 'Do you prefer a pizzeria or a restaurant for dinner?'