Italian Shoe Entrepreneur Beats Chinese Counterfeit Competition

A good example of Italian creativity.

Silvano Lattanzi, an Italian entrepreneur famous the world over for his high-quality footware, has come up with a brilliant idea to contrast the counterfeit Chinese market.

Lattanzi, who has registered the trademark for his shoes in order to defend the Made in Italy brand, together with his son has thoroughly studied the way a Chinese company has reproduced his own shoes and then created a line specifically for the Chinese market.

“Counterfeiters have applied the typical Chinese fit to my shoes,” he said. “So I have examined exactly how they did it and repurposed an original Silvano Lattanzi shoe with the Chinese fit, which is small and wide.”

Thus, copying the copy, Silvano Lattanzi has grabbed another slice of the Asian market, and defeated his counterfeiters.

Lattanzi is one of Italy’s leading shoemakers. His shoes are elaborately made by hand and are in high demand on the Chinese market. 

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