Laura Pausini Debuts as Talent Coach on Mexico's "La Voz"

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 03:30

Looking great in a pink and orange dress, Laura Pausini made her debut as a judge of "The Voz", the Mexican version of the famous musical talent show "The Voice".

Alongside Laura, who is very popular in Latin America, her friend and colleague Ricky Martin, as well as Julio Alvarez and Paty Canto.

“In recent months I have received offers to participate in talent shows as a judge from many countries around the world,” Laura has said. “We thought about it with my family a lot and we decided for Mexico. I'm very happy to start this new adventure here, I owe a lot to the Mexican public, they have great respect for me since the first day they have discovered me, and I love them.” 

Here's Laura explaining her decision to participate in "La Voz" and thanking for the opportunity - in Spanish of course!