Milan's Piazza Duomo is Going Green

Mon, 05/12/2014 - 05:03

Milan’s famous Piazza Duomo is going green. A project has been approved to plant trees and a flowerbed with a vegetable garden on the side of the city’s central square, in front of the Duomo, and work on the square has begun.

It will feature two small woods with trees 3 to 4 meters high. The multi-tiered vegetable garden will be planted with wheat, oats, rye and barley and other aromatic herbs.

The project reflects the spirit of the Expo, the City Councillor for Green Spaces said. The choice of plants, native of Lombardy, does not just have a decorative function, but it is also tied to the history of the territory, and, above all, it is a message about taking good care of the environment.    

The project is financed by a private sponsor.

In a city where green spaces are definitely not abundant, the new green area is a welcome addition to the cityscape. Although some have complained that more attention should be paid to degraded squares of the city's outskirts rather than to Piazza Duomo, which, according to some, is doing just fine as it is.