Perugino Retrospective On View at Paris Museum

Sun, 09/14/2014 - 03:30

The Jacquemart-Andrè Museum in Paris is hosting a retrospective dedicated to Renaissance master and Raphael’s teacher Perugino.

“Perugino – Master of Raphael” intends to revisit the artist's career, as well as explore the relationship between Perugino and his most celebrated student, Raffaello Sanzio. It features 50 works by Perugino and 10 by Raphael.

“It is an opportunity to compare the two painters,” Vittoria Garibaldi, curator and superintendent of cultural heritage in Umbria, told ANSA. “Today, art historians are divided about who was Raphael's teacher: Perugino, in his Perugia studio, or else Raphael's father, Giovanni Santi, in Urbino. I think it is more likely that Perugino was Raphael's teacher”.

Pietro Vannucci, known as Perugino, worked in Umbria, where he was born, as well as in Florence and Rome, where he was called to work on the Sistine Chapel.

Perugino's color, perspective, line and landscape techniques are considered to have greatly influenced the style and subsequent masterpieces of Raphael.  “Without Perugino, we would have another painting technique by Raphael”, Garibaldi said.

"Perugino - Master of Raphael" opens today. For more information, visit the exhibition’s website

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