Photographic Book Portrays Rome From High Above

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 09:00
“Roma dall’Alto. Forme della città nella storia” is a book that portrays Rome from an unusual – and unique – perspective: from high above. It is a perspective through which lesser known angles of Rome, alongside popular ones like the Colosseum, can be observed in a way that couldn’t be possible otherwise: such is the case for the abundance of green spaces that you don’t normally see when you walk through the city. Through the photos in the book, you discover that there are many private – and therefore inaccessible – gardens; but also public ones like the Galleria Borghese of which nonethless you can't get the extension and the care in the ornaments and decorations when you’re walking through it. The same can be said of the Capitoline Hill image, the hill where Rome originated. Here the photo shows the perfection of the Michelangelo drawing for the pavement on the square - the movement of the lines seem to express the political and cultural energy accumulated for centuries and ready to expand further. It is a book that shows the evolution of the monuments of the city, from ancient Rome to the XXI century, explained by major historians of Roman art and archeology. “Roma dall’Alto” is published by Jaca Books and Fondazione Roma.