Raoul Bova In Armani For Vanity Fair Italia

Fri, 10/11/2013 - 09:00

Dressed in Armani, looking classic and elegant, Italian actor Raoul Bova is the subject of the October 9 cover of Vanity Fair Italia and of a multi-page fashion shoot in the magazine’s issue (click on the link above to see the photos).

Bova has been in the news lately due to the separation, at first rumored, then confirmed, from his wife of 13 years, Chiara Giordano, and rumors that he is gay.

He gives an interview to Vanity Fair stating that he wants to make things clear on what is happening for his two sons, Alessandro Leon, 13, and Francesco, 12. “I am a public figure, but my children have done nothing to get this treatment,” he tells Vanity Fair. “The paparazzi chasing after them scare them. And then there is school, where their classmates repeat what they hear from their parents, and sometimes they can be very mean: your father is sick, your father is divorcing, your father is gay…I am forced to speak out to protect them.”

On splitting from his wife, Bova says: “Chiara and I have changed a lot with time. And change sometimes brings people closer together, but sometimes it doesn’t. Unfortunately, we no longer understand each other.” According to the actor, the two have had problems for three years and have mutually agreed to split.

On the gay rumors, he says: “I say this openly, I like women. If I were homosexual, I don’t think I’d have any problem to admit it. Or maybe I wouldn’t say it: why the need to make a statement, to justify oneself? Nobody goes around saying, nice to meet you, I’m heterosexual. More than half of my friends are gay. It’s for them that I despise this backward and racist way to use the label of homosexual as if it were an unmentionable guilt.”

Bova stars in “Indovina chi viene a Natale?” (Guess who’s coming for Christmas), out in Italian theaters in December.

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