Skating the Old Alleys of Sicily’s Modica

Mauro Caruso is the young man behind the MUòRICA project, the Sicilian featured in the video below who is seen skating a labyrinth of tiny alleys and staircases in the Sicilian town of Modica.

Modica, called Muòrica in the Sicilian dialect, was founded in 1360 BC. It is located in south-east Sicily, in the province of Ragusa. It is, along with seven other Late Baroque towns of the Val di Noto, a UNESCO Heritage Site. Modica has preserved some of the most beautiful architecture in Sicily, in the Sicilian Baroque style. Notable examples include the churches of San Giorgio and San Pietro. Modica is also famous for its chocolate.

Let this skating video take you on a tour of Modica:

MUòRICA_ from a brief glance on Vimeo.