Three Domus Reopen at Pompeii

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 02:00

As used as we are to be writing about Pompeii in regards to collapses or thefts, we are happy this time to report on some good news: three of his most magnificent mansions – domus – are scheduled to re-open just in time for Easter.

The three domus to reopen are Frontone, Trittolemo and Romolo. Frontone is considered by some the most beautiful house in Pompeii, for its complex architecture and beautiful paintings depicting Mars and Venus. Trittolemo is a large domus, while the Romolo and Remo one features famous paintings of animals and a beautiful garden.

This summer, two other important sites are scheduled to re-open: the Vettii domus which contains the Priapo fresco, and the Cave Canem mosaic in the House of the Tragic Poet, currently under restoration.  

This is all part of “The Great Pompeii Project,” a plan to re-launch and recover the entire archeological site, which has suffered from very bad maintenance and collapses in recent years.

How about a trip to Pompeii this Easter?