Venice Is The Most Exclusive & Expensive Place To Stay In Europe

Sat, 05/18/2013 - 06:41
Venice is the most expensive city in Europe for tourists to spend the night, according to Italy’s Trivago Hotel Price Index. Research released in May 2013 reveals that a room in the lagoon city costs an average of €281 a night. Prices increased at the beginning of May, going up 38% on the previous month. This means that this season, a room in Venice costs more than one in Geneva, London, Stockholm and Paris, which recorded average prices of €278, €204, €200 and €193 a night. According to the Trivago Hotel Price Index, prices in other cities such as Florence (average cost for a room €165 per night) and Siena (average cost for a room of €129 per night) have increased as well this May. However, compared to May 2012, staying at many other Italian cities is actually cheaper. In Turin, the cost of a room is 17% less than a year ago and the average price fell from €133 to €110 per night while in Milan, this May rooms are 14% cheaper than in April 2013 with the average price remaining close to €145 per room per night.