What Do Those Italian Abbreviations Mean?

Sat, 08/09/2014 - 04:00

Taken from the Latin, brevis, meaning short, abbreviations are everywhere. So here’s a handful of Italian ones with their meaning in brackets that you may come across during your visit.


Sig. (Signor) – Mr

Sig.ra (Signora) – Mrs

Sigg. (Signori) – Messrs

Sig.na (Signorina) – Miss

Dott. (Dottore) – Doctor


VV.UU (Vigili Urbani) – Traffic Police

POLSTRADA (Polizia Stradale) – Highway Police

POLFER (Polizia Ferroviaria) – Railway Police

A.C. (Arma dei Carabinieri) – Carabinieri (rarely used now and only seen on very old police buildings, most offices just display the word Carabinieri).


A.A.T. (Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno) – Local Tourist Board

A.G. (Alberghi per la Gioventù) – Youth Hostels

E.N.I.T. (Ente Nazionale Italiano per il Turismo) – Italian State Tourist Office

S.C.V. (Stato della Città del Vaticano) – Vatican City

And finally one that you see most, especially on receipts and in shops:

I.V.A. (Imposta sul Valore Aggiunto) – Value-added Tax (V.A.T.)