Word of the Week: MONEY

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 06:38

You can use i soldi (plural) or il denaro (singular) to speak about money in Italian

I have a lot of money: Ho molti soldi / Ho molto denaro

Other words to talk about money include:

La moneta - coin / currency e.g. moneta d’oro - gold coin

Le monetine - pocket money

Lo spicciolo - loose change / small change / small coins

Il contante - cash

La banconota - banknote / bill

Il biglietto - banknote / bill

Here are some useful verbs:

Pagare - to pay

Spendere - to spend

Guadagnare - to earn

Prestare - to lend

Prendere in prestito - to borrow

Permettersi - to afford

Offrire - to pay for somebody as a treat

Comprare - to buy

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