Word of the Week: Spiaggia

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 11:21

Continuing with our summer theme we could not  have picked a better word for the current holiday season, Spiaggia, the beach!

We already mentioned it when we talked about the sea, Il Mare. There are two main kind of spiagge (plural of spiaggia) in Italy, you can either go to a public unequipped one, Spiaggia Libera, or to a privately managed one where you have to pay an entrance fee, Stabilimento Balneare or Bagni, but which is fully equipped. 

If you go to a Spiaggia Libera do not forget to bring some water, an umbrella and towels with you. If you decide to go to a Stabilimento Balneare, try to find out about the hourly or daily rates before you go and understand the rules. 

Helpful phrase: Potete aiutarmi a trovare la spiaggia? Can you help me find the beach?

This week you can learn how to pronounce Spiaggia with a very special teacher, Italian amazing singer Mina!