Advice needed on route between Basel

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07/06/2017 - 18:07

Advice needed on route between Basel and Menaggio.I'm driving with the family to Lake Como this summer. I've never driven the route before, and because the kids have never seen The Alps, I'd like to avoid simply driving through a long tunnel so they have a chance to see a bit of them. We're stopping overnight in Basel before continuing to Menaggio. I'm thinking of taking this route:'d appreciate any advice from any more experienced people as to whether this is a reasonable scenic route, or if I should be doing something different. 



That is probably the route I would take - once out of Basel [can be crowded] its a pretty straight run.Going over the top at Gotthard is good, take the RH lane of the motorway as you get near the tunnel.  If you stop on top for a coffee etc, go to the loos first, as [unless it has changed] there is a charge to use them, but yoyu get a discount ticket to use in the cafe itselfFill up with petrolbefore you leave Switzerland - its very expensive in Italy

Beautiful route - we do it twice every year on our way to Rome and back. Agree about going over the top of the Gotthard, it doesn't add much time, especially if the queue for the tunnel is more than 30 mins. The stretch from Lake Lugano to Menaggio is particularly pretty and avoids any border queues.

If filling up with fuel before you enter Italy - I'd suggest leaving the motorway on the 'LOCARNO'  turning and there are plenty of petrol stations less than 1Km from the junction,  Significantly cheaper than the motorway services.

Going Over The TopThis simply means that one doesn't go through the Gotthard Tunnel, but leaves the motorway just before it and takes the route 'over the top' of the mountain, via the St Gotthard PassAt worst its about half an hour or so longer, plus any time you add for a tea break on the topPretty well signpostedYour first route [in your original post] took that route