Antique Style Hardware for Traditional Rustic Shutters

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07/01/2009 - 05:39

 Have been asked to make some traditional rustic shutters for an old farmhouse. The client doesn't want the horrible naff stuff that the Italian joiners can supply cos the nearest thing they can get to traditional and antique is something made yesterday from boards the width of lolly sticks. Having spent many of my earlier years in antique restoration and repro I'll have no trouble getting these shutters to look the part, it'll be fun, but I can't use the naff hardwear that's available at ferramentas and wonder if anyone on the forum has seen or found a source for traditional hand wrought/forged hinges and continental closures. There must be some traditional blacksmiths/metal bashers/architectural hardwear manufacturers/artistic iron manglers still knocking about in Italy.  Pilch 



when we had our windows and doors made we asked about this and were handed an enormous catalogue of a company which only makes these things all very nice not naff or's so specialized a field that i don't think there'll be many alternative sources around.this company is in the north near Lecco if i could try asking at any company making windows etc or just ask to see the catalogue for these things.

Have you contacted this lot - ?I've never been there but they look to me the nearest that you'll find, though I don't like to think of the cost!I'd be interested to know how you get on.  We actually bought some hand-made thumb-latches throughEbay.  They came from India and turned out to be quite large, but were certainly rustic! good luck Anne

Have you looked in Stefano Lucozzi's brother's ferramenta in Amandola? He has some really nice old style window/door handles near the door on the left. They are part of some kind of heritage range and look handmade and aged nicely.