Battle of Britaly!

12/23/2011 - 07:34

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Thats rather an arogant answer, my chickens are in a compound with a 2 metre high fence all the way round, topped with barbed wire. In the evening they are secured in a shed with a locked door. So not sure how else I am to ' do what I am supposed to' This animal is taking my stock which I have paid for. It is my livlihood as I sell eggs/birds so what's the alternative?

Esme may have a point. Have you established how/where the predator is getting into the compound? Killing one won't solve your problem, 'cause where there's one ther's bound to be others. So, unless you're prepared to trap and exterminate the entire local population of whatever it is that's getting at your flock, increasing your security is probably the simplest solution in the long run.   Saluti.

I sympathise, sometimes however hard you try to secure your chickens something gets in, have you considered something coming under the wire?, or under the floor of the shed.Perhaps a member of the stoat family. Think we have finally cracked it and have meshed the roof to the run as well . Our neighbour lost all his flock last year and he has been keeping chickens all his life. So not an easy task even for an expert. 

The compounds huge, theres a goat, loads of geese and ducks as well. This 'thing' is not like a fox it doesn't creep in after dark, it comes around lunch time (Treats the place like a restaurant!) just takes a running jump and clears the two mt fence. I have watched it in action. The geese seem to be protecting the ducks, but it has killed most of my stock of chickens. The neighbours have seen it in with their sheep so I imagine it's days are numbered. When I let my dog out she scares it off, even though it twice her size. So think I need to get a farm dog that sleeps inside the compound and then I can restock in the spring.

No Angie the fence is buried, it is jumping over the fence, this is the frustrating bit- we got a jcb in to dig trenches to bury it and bought the highest fence we could find. Had trouble with the 'Faena' before -the weasel that sucks blood from the chickens neck then leaves the carcass but stopped that by using double thickness fencing.

Is there any milage in extending the top of the fence outwards to create a more difficult obstacle to jump? If you look at the fences used in some prisons they come outwards with an overhang like an upside down letter 'L', making clearing the fence with a jump more difficult. I would imagine that also some barbed wire at the top would discourage any creature after the first painful attempt. Costly solution could be a double fence, not allowing a decent run-up to clear the inner fence. Trying to explain without sounding too silly, please don't think I'm being fascicious. If you can get some photos of the offending creature then the Guardia Forestale will identify it, and could maybe suggest a solution. Maybe also have a look at this clip; Happy hunting....

No it's not him, I have seen it again this morning and it seems to be a fox but its a big b.gger - but then it would be as its eaten its own bodyweight in chicken in the last few days! But having said that its grey not ginger and its pig ugly. Its very scared of my jack russel type of dog even tho it a lot bigger than her. She can't sleep in the chicken shed as there is no arm chair or stufe, so I def need another hound and one that doesn't eat chickens! Snowing here --yippee!

By your descriptions 'It' probably is not a Fox and almost definitely not a Wolf; you probably have a rogue wild dog on your hands. A neigbour of ours had that problem a few years back, and got himself a Maremma type dog, but also extended his fence up and out with barbed wire, which seemed to stop the problem. But if your if your fence is 2 meters high then that is one big strong animal to clear that both in and out!! Don't try taking pot shots at it though as if it is a dog you could end up in trouble.

No not a dog, and I don't think a wolf, neighbours been round and he says it can't be a fox as it visits in daylight, it visits every day and foxes don't need to eat every day. And its the wrong colour! Found a photo of something similar but don't know how to put it on here??

Just as an aside, the Italian word for looting is sciacallaggio. Can mean looting as in robbing shops after an earthquake (or in a riot) but also the sort of antics Goldman Sachs get up to!

I've had had 2 chickens in 6 years taken, both by Maremma (both now deceased), plus my rabbits were taken by a Maremma. My friends keep coming round with theirs and the first place they head is for my chicken runs. That dog has been shot a couple of times (not by me but by their neighbours) but refuses to die.  Around here, they're notorious for taking poultry and are frequently shot. Hypothetically, I'd have no problem shooting them on sight. They probably can be trained - they're intelligent animals - but out of the dozens of Maremma I've seen, none have been.

If said jackal is protected, then it's illegal to poison it but it's not illegal to poison a chicken is it, specially if it's already dead? The less said the better!  Anyway my neighbour has some Maremma puppies so looks like my goat is getting a new sleeping partner.

Farmers in North America, often plagued by fearless coyotes attacking their stock, have resorted to putting other food out for the coyotes so they leave the cattle/sheep alone. This because shooting coyotes creates a population explosion in response, whereas a steady but limited supply of food naturally keeps a single pack to a controllable size. Don't know if that's the case for jackals, but any animal will go for the easy dinner first. Does rather up your operating costs though.

Been there, done that. I have lost many chickens over the years and it is always a fox. Once they have had one they will come over and over again until they get them all. Be a local - shotgun.

Don't think I could handle a gun even if it were legal, but if one of the locals offered I would not mind, as you say it's really frustrating I buy the birds/feed/fencing and now half my stock has gone. The locals hunt for bambi and boar at certain times of the year to keep the numbers controlled and because they can eat their kill but fox etc are vermin and farmers are not allowed to cull them.

"Don't think I could handle a gun even if it were legal, but if one of the locals offered I would not mind, ........ " You could pop into your local sports bar and mention your problem - someone might well offer to help solve it for you

Blood thirsty lot!! Just build a more secure coop and forget about killing anything that has an absolute right to hunt whatever you are foolish enough not to secure.  Basta! 

Only 2 chickens Contadino in 6 years? What a disaster!!! All dogs love rabbit to eat. I used to go shooting them in the UK. Dogs could hardly wait while they were skinned and gutted in the garden for their dinner. Would much rather shoot the overgrown rats that they call hunting dogs here, after having to dispatch tiny kittens they had ripped apart.

"Only 2 chickens Contadino in 6 years? What a disaster!!! All dogs love rabbit to eat. I used to go shooting them in the UK. Dogs could hardly wait while they were skinned and gutted in the garden for their dinner." Yes, 2 dead chickens. Maybe you'd find it better if I'd done nothing and lost all my flock, repeatedly, but my chickens wouldn't have. Only 2 chickens in 6 years thanks to building them strong runs, and dealing with threats before it's too late. 2 dead chickens is 2 more than I'd be happy with.

Went into the bar last night and told the locals that I needed a man with a willy to come to my house- fortunately my friend explained that I needed a man with a gun. It's that word 'pistola' get the pronounciation wrong and it has a whole new meaning! Oh they did laugh! Anyway I got a few offers- so that bastardo is gonna die soon. As for the numpty animal rights brigade- This is rural Italy, it is the farmers right to protect their stock, I am a single parent and I rely on this food to feed my family. Do you 'foolish' muppets honestly think if I left food out for it that it would wipe it mouth and go home afterwards. Would it hell, it would expect pudding and a doggy bag. It would eat the food left then go for a chicken for afters- it's a wild animal. Yes it has a right to hunt but this is not hunting it is, as they saying goes 'like shooting fish in a barrel' stealing not hunting. My chickens cannot escape as they are in a fenced area which is 2 metres high, the only way to make it more secure is to cut the fox/jackal/chicken murderers legs off as he seems to be a record breaking athlete and can clear the fence- seen him do it. Unfortunately he won't live long enough to take part in the 2012 games. Whilst you are so concerned about the 'cuddly fluffy cute doggy' have you given any though to the poor chicken? The deal is I feed it and it feeds me, nice life quick clean death. The fox on the other hand rips it to bits and starts eating its insides before its even dead- a cruel and traumatic end I think. And if you believe animals are allowed to hunt then surely you believe that man is also in fact allowed to hunt- bring back the beagles I say!

..had a great fall. Arrogance will be your downfall - how many of these animals will you have to kill just because you cant be arsed to secure your stock properly? If this animal can clear your inadequate 2 metre high fence - then other similar animals will also clear it in the future.  It's obvious it's your fence that aint good enough - so tell me, who is the real Numpty here?  Duh!!

Way to go new Year is enlivened by being called a muppet, after I had tried to be sympathetic and like others give helpful advice. You are not the only person who lives in rural Italy and keeps chickens, but it is important  make sure they are protected, thus avoiding some idiot running around with a gun and shooting himself in the foot......or wherever!. And nothing justifies the killing of rare and protected animals.

Angie my comment was not aimed at you, as stated the fence is buried and it is the highest thats on sale. My animals have a 200 sq metre area so would be impossible to cover with mesh, obviously I have considered all options but when in Rome- or rural Italy you do as the locals do. My neighbours I believe have a license to hunt so are not idiots and it is not just my stock its been taking, so the locals will catch up with it eventually whether it be on my land or theirs. Foxes are classed as vermin and like rats they need to be culled. They banned fox hunting in the UK because of the way the fox is killed-ripped to shreds but that it what the fox does to the chicken. The fact is farmers in the UK now shoot or poison them so they are still being culled. I want free-range chickens not stuck in a small pen with no freedom. My priority will always be the chicken not the fox.

You've already confirmed it is a Jackal and, therefore, it is protected under Italian Law! Here it is, in black and white, take a look and when you have read and hopefully understood, you will try to find a solution that will mean you are not really the Muppet here. But then again, you could always go ahead with your disregard and break the law - as you obviously consider yourself to be above it and I guess, in Italy they may not bother prosecuting a real dummy!