Caio,Does anyone have any tips or advise with regard

05/28/2020 - 10:53


Does anyone have any tips or advise with regard to applying for Italian citizenship? I live in Cambridge, MA, I pre-qualified online in Feb 2020, with the Italian-American Consulate in Boston, by "Jure Sanquinis" citizenship by Italian descent.  However, scheduling an appointment for a hearing is proving to be a real challenge. Their online booking for appointments shows no availability through December 2021. The Boston Consulate only offers 2-days per week for appointments, scheduling opens on the first Monday of each month. For those who have pre-qualified they can check the Consulate's online booking site at any time for availability, cancelations etc. So far checking their booking site on a daily bases has been fruitless. I will continue to check and hopefully secure an appointment for early  2022. 

My next question has anyone applied for their Italian citizenship while in Italy?... I plan to be in Gaeta, Lt, for 5-weeks, Sept/Oct (that's if all goes well with this pandemic).  A friend recommend I hire a lawyer to help me expedite my Italian citizenship. That route can be expensive, also I believe it would still require a wait time of a year or more. I have the documentation needed a lawyer would only be beneficial if they could some how secure an appointment? Thank you for your responses.   



Beyond the process of applying and its long waits to get an appointment at an Italian Consulate in the US or other, and beyond the issues of qualifying, you may apply through Italy .....if you stay long enough.

No attorney is needed to °push° your application forward. It is the process not the attorney or alternate °back door° procedure.

Assuming you qualify to become an Italian Citizenship, applying in Italy is simply a matter of staying in Italy in one place long enough. The procedures themselves is another longer discussion

Anthony Alioto