06/03/2009 - 13:30

There doesn't seem to be a Campania section any more on this forum, I did a lot of research for our holiday on it....needless to say we had a great time, though got lost in Avellino every time we went there, it became our least favourite place that we visited.  We explored north a bit and east a bit (including having a sensational lunch in Nusco at La Locando di Bu where Antonio cooked for us, served us and told us everything about the food and wine, an amazing experience).Then headed south to Salerno and then up the Amalfi coast which is everything it is said to be, for two weeks in Positano where we did some serious chilling out bit did get out and about a bit, Pompeii (of course) and Paestum which I think we preferred, being greener and quieter.We would have been lost without the Carla Capalbo book, she is a star.  Great part of the world, highly recommended.Now... where next?