CAR EXCHANGE: Hi,  Would like to

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03/31/2015 - 04:08

CAR EXCHANGE: Hi,  Would like to swop our Honda CR-V, RHdrive for similar LHdrive. Moving to Italy at the end of July.Car Details: 2006, UK registered, 4x4, Diesel (MK2), Royal blue, 60,000miles. Well maintained, excellent condition. Tow bar, DAB radio (with USB adaptor). Will have 6months UK tax, MOT due April 2016.Looking for: Italian registered LHdrive, Honda/Mitsubishi/Suzuki - similar size, type, value vehicle to our CR-V.Swop might suit someone returning to UK.



Careful - You Cannot Transfer Car Tax Sally posted;-

  • "Car Details: 2006, UK registered, .......... Will have 6months UK tax, .........

Under the new rules, following the ending of Tax Discs, it is no longer possible to sell a car 'with car tax'.  Re-registering the car automatically cancels the Car Tax and a refund is given to the 'seller'. The new owner must pay the DVLA for a new Car Taxsee;-