Ciao  I need to send my

11/15/2019 - 03:57

Ciao  I need to send my declaration of no TV appliances into the Agenzia Entrate but I have a couple of questions for you.The form has instructions for simply sending the two page form by itself, without an envelope.  Do people just sellotape the two pieces together and hope that the form arrives or am I missing something?  Especially sending it in the autumn time when we have snow and rain.  I think it has to be sent by Registered Mail so does this service provide a packet for the form??Can I take this form into a local Agenzia Entrate office instead of posting it to Milan?For anyone who has used a commercialista to send it, how much did this cost?Thank you once again for your help. 



it's possible send it  on-line , from this pageis necessary to understand the italian language !

Thank you Ugo and sorry for my late reply, I have been ill.I do read Italian OK and this led to my confusion on how to physically send the form to Milan without an envelope -- how would the form not get lost in the post etc without an envelope.  I have now been to the Post Office, paid my registered post fee and the forms have gone off to Milan.I will have another look at the online version, especially if it saves the registered post fee each year.