Ciao   A question about

04/07/2019 - 15:10

Ciao   A question about length of stays in Italy.  I've wondered in the past about how the 'stay for no more than 6 months' condition actually works.  We would be buying this house as a summer holiday home.We don't want to be treated as Italian residents for tax purposes and so would adhere to the less than 6 months stay rule but 2 questions ...  1) how is our length of stay actually checked?  and 2) can friends/family stay at times outside of 'our' 6 months stay or does the house have to be firmly locked up?Grazie 



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Thanks Steve.  we are quite relaxed about this it's just that over the years I wondered how the authorities actually know who it is that is actually staying in the home.  We wouldn't want to rent out the house as a business but might let family use it for no cost.  

Residenza Elettiva, in Italy, does not allow to produce income, therefore not even to pay taxes -see this link - page 38 - point 13  but in any case, to answer point two, if you do not live in your house in Italy, nobody will forbid you to rent it - for income, produced in Italy, with the rent of your Italian house, you will have to pay the tax to the Italian state - BUT ONLY for the income produced in itlia, on the house, of your property in Italy.