Ciao a tutti. I am an American looking

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07/23/2019 - 01:01

Ciao a tutti. I am an American looking to buy an apartment in Verona. I am in the process of getting my codice fiscale. Is anyone aware of an Italian bank that will allow you to open an italian bank account from the US, without having to come to Italy in person? Thanks, Jeremy



Maybe there is such a bank. I would be interested to hear of it. I know that recent changes to the banking regulations in Italy (probably to stop money laundering) mean that it is impossible for non-Italian -residents to open an account in Italy without physically being present in the relevant bank branch and the operation of opening the account can take the best part of a morning or afternoon. Not a pleasant process if you only want the account to pay bills on your property in Italy. If anyone knows of an alternative bank I would be interested to know.