CiaoHi, I'm from India living in

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09/29/2019 - 19:36


Hi, I'm from India living in Rome, my name is khalid.

If we buy a land (empty land) in Italy, we have to pay any taxes or what? If yes where we have to pay. Kindly let me know



Good afternoon Khalid,
Starting from 2016, according to "Circolare del Ministero delle finanze n. 9 del 14 giugno 1993", land within municipalities registered as "montani" do not pay IMU ( please find the list at the following link

Land registerd as "Agricola" on the land registry deeds (Art. 1, Comma 13, L. 208 del 28/12/2015) will not pay IMU as well.

All other land not within these two categories will pay IMU

All other