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04/06/2019 - 11:00

conto estero or conto per non residentiI am in UK and UK citizen and am going to visit Italy soon, my parents live there.I need an Italy account, I have codice fiscaleAny big name banks have this service?



The foreign bank account ( conto estero ) is a current bank account, where payments and banking operations are carried out in a currency other than the official Italian currency, ie the euro - Normally Italian banks grant this type of account to people or companies who regularly carry out commercial transactions with foreign countries, whether or not they are resident in Italy. The account is checked by the Italian Exchange Office, and has use quotas that can be updated according to the owner's needs. The holding cost is normally high and can only be justified by a high number of annual transactions.The bank account for non-residents ( conto per non residenti ) , is a current bank account, in the official currency of the country in Italy, ie the euro - opened in the name of a person who does not have residence in Italy - every transfer inbound, generates an automatic exchange in euro with costs to be borne by the account holder. Outgoing transfers are in euros - If an outbound transfer is requested, in a currency other than the euro, the exchange will be made by the Italian bank, with costs to be borne by the account holder and exchange rates in currencies other than the euro, in line with the official Italian one. The cost of the operations is higher than that of the accounts for residents.Ugo , by

Sorry Steve , to opena an ITALIAN bank accont , the requesto to be send to the ITALIAN BANK ORGANIZATION - IN ITALY - do not exist possibility to open an Italian bank account based in Itay , via Italian bank office , placed OUTSIDE the  Italian workin organization - this cause PRIVACY LAWRegarding assegno - The italian Banca d'Italia policy , and Italian Financial laws . Require an Italian Address ( residential address ) , necessary to send comunication about non PAYED assegno ( Assegno PROTESTATO ! )For this reason to the not residents bank accounts , is denied to have assegni bancari -Bank Check

yes is the same , but are two branches , with different organization - Fineco, do not have sportelli bancari , but onlr agents - they can not  they have no cash, to the public, in practice you cannot go to the office of a Fineco agent and ask for money or checks - they are only authorized to open current accounts and manage capital - ON PAPER! - For this reason a fineko agent can also receive a request to open a current account with a form sent via dhl the bank account of unicredit, must have the physical presence of the person requesting the opening of the current account - the physical presence of a person authorized by the applicant by means of a power of attorney

Steve , yes , are the same - but not possible open a bank account based in Italy - only in uk based  -the remember in UK DO NOT HAVE EURO CURRENCY AS NATIONAL CURRENCY an EURO BANK ACCOUNT in UK = CONTO ESTERO ( not in national currency - i believe even in UK , this type of bank account are ONLY for FIRM that deal in international currency  business )

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