Crossing into Italy from Switzerland?

03/31/2019 - 17:23

Crossing into Italy from Switzerland? Have you ever taken the trip entering Italy at Brissago coming from Locarno, Switzerland? The drive along the magnificent Lago Maggiore coastline will not disappoint you. You'll pass intermittent villages and resort towns of exceptional beauty. After 45 minutes you'll pass Stresa, the pearl of the lake. Visit it later. Keep driving for five more minutes and stop at the next village of Belgirate.
Make a point to have lunch at Anelli Bar & Food, in Belgirate. The place is not a restaurant. It's a delicatessen and coffee shop where they can prepare pasta dishes and fresh sandwich lunches of supreme quality. You can sit inside or outside. Choose your meal at the counter and if you wish to eat out, they will cross the state highway to serve you on the terrace, as you sit at a table by the lake.
While you're there, if you are contemplating to buy a vacation or retirement home away from the bustling crowd (but close to everything you want to see and do), I have a condo for sale up on the hills of Belgirate. If interested, ask me for details. It's an inexpensive but lovely apartment. I must sell it, unfortunately.
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