Dea All, we are looking at a property

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08/14/2017 - 06:13

Dea All, we are looking at a property in the le marche region. It has an amazing view, electricty but no connection to mains/water. Has anyone of you an idea how much a connection of about 500 meters would cost?Thanks a lot for your help



Our experience with ASSM (the local water supplier in Marche) is that it is their responsbility to provide water up to the meter box - which is a 1/4 mile away from our actual house, and then our responsibility from the box to the house.  Unfortunately due to the earthquake our water supply has been disrupted, so we currently have no water, and will probably have to dig a new trench and  lay a new water pipe to fix this - obviously at our cost.   And the pipe will have to run across land where we have to negotiate with three different local people.When we laid drainage channels to divert rainwater away from our house/road, we found a local man with a digger - cost about E400 per day plus materials.