Dear all we have recently bought a home

Angelo Agrizzi Image
05/18/2019 - 07:37

Dear all we have recently bought a home in Castel Del Piano, we need to know what is the average rate that one would pay for a Gardener per day, or a monthly rate if they worked 5 days per week. What would be the rate for a housekeeper per day and also on a monthly rate?Are there any english speaking people wanting work in the CAstel Del Piano region, and how should we go about looking for them?Really appreciatte all the assistance wer could get - we are new to the area, and it seems as if artisans and people take advantage of the fact that we are finding our feet. Regards Angelo



For a gardener I now pay 12 euros an hour although I have previously paid 13.50 or 15 euros. The guy I use now was recommended by a neighbour and does 4 hours at a time in the late afternoon. Try asking in your local shop. use Google translate on your phone if you don't speak Italian. I found my cleaner by asking in the supermarket. She is the girlfriend of the guy on the deli counter. I pay her 8 euros an hour (what she asked for) although can be up to 11 euros in a more touristy area and don't expect anyone at all to work at Ferragosto!