Dear Community, I have put a deposit on a house

02/05/2021 - 03:46

Dear Community, I have put a deposit on a house in Liguria area. A Geometra advised that it is not a problem that the Toilet Waste goes into the earth, as there is no Septic Tank.  Does anyone know if this is a problem?  Are there European Union rules requiring a Septic Tank?  The house is on a slope, terraced, there are other houses close.   Thanks 





Hi, firstly congrats on the house. 

I had some similar question re my property and received some good answers. If you search for the feed with the heading below it may help. 

.... Firstly hope everyone is staying safe in these strange times.... 

This comment was the one that really put my mind at rest. 


I am not sure if you should be so scared of speaking to the Comune or of speaking to Geometras.  If your place is old, and the sewage system pre-dates the regulations on septic tanks, you are not "abusivo" or on the wrong side of the law. It is only when you start to refurbish that the Coumne will insist that you respect the current regulations. If you do not propose any work the Comune cannot make you change something that already existed prior to new Regs.