Does anyone know how often is it

Oona Image
06/03/2019 - 13:10

Does anyone know how often is it necessary by law to cut your grass per year?Our neighbour keeps asking for a small strip which he can see (just about) from the back of his house to be cut. I am aware of there being a law on this for fire prevention reasons and we cut it 2 to 3 times per year when we are there. He also tells us to cut the hedge etc.... I live in the Garfagnana area. Many thanks.



Oona ,the hedges if they are on the border can have the height of a man, say 1.70 - to have greater heights - every 10 cm on the rise, 10 cm of distance must be calculated from the border - or a written agreement with the neighbor - l 'grass, it has no precise cutting period, then obviously if it is green it does not risk to catch fire, with heat, if instead it is dry, it would be good to cut it so that it cannot reach self-combustion, therefore, if the lawn is abandoned during the summer, I would say that at least once a month should be cut