Does anyone know how to pay imu from

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08/07/2018 - 16:42

Does anyone know how to pay imu from the uk? I have inherited a property with my siblings. I also have a Conto estero near barga. Regards



If you are lucky, I know of a few people who simply contact their bank in Italy and they pay it from their account. Of course if you have on-line access to your account it's likely you can pay an F24 on there assuming you know the amount to pay? You realise there will also be TASI to pay?

I'm one of the lucky onesI get the F24 sent to me by the comune [via an Italian Friend], sign it, scan it and emil it to my bank in Italy who pay it.If you don't have the F24 - you can get it here;-, all joint owners [your siblings] are expected to pay their part by seperate F24s Good luck

We are selling our property in Sardinia on 31st July 2020 and need to pay and finalise the IMU whch was due on 16th June.  We cannot understand how to fill in the F24 online although we have all the previous years payments but have always been to the Agencia Entrate to calculate it.  Can anyone help please.   We are in UK.


You can only pay an F24 from an Italian bankaccount

Assuming you have that you will need to choose F24 semplificato from the dropown menu.

Thisyear things have changed so you will need to pay only the tax code 3918 which will be the sum of the of the TASI and IMU.  As you are selling in July you will need to pay 7 months of IMU.

alternatively call hte iMu office in the comune ask them to calculate it and give you the IBAN for payments from abroad and you can send a bank transfer.  Or ask your estate agent to do it for you.