Dolce Vita London 12th - 14 th March

03/09/2010 - 06:10

I will be visiting the Dolce Vita Fair in London on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th March. Adriatica of the agency Absolutely Abruzzo will also be there with a stand. Are any other Italymag regulars going to be there? I hope to be able to meet some of the names from the forum from the past few years, please give me a ring and we can have an espresso together in one of the piazzas. + 39 3332937921.Charlotte


Hi Charlotte Hit the wrong button. I'm going on Friday to Dolce Vita and hoping to make contact with the Abruzzo property people. I'll text you once I'm there. Are you exhibiting? I'm planning to network and create some more interest in my summer Italian courses in Pacentro. Would be great if there are others from the community going to be there. I have a spare free ticket if anyone is interested as I can only go on Friday now. PM me if interested. Salutoni Susan