glazed doors

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10/23/2012 - 16:27

Hican anyone recommend a good double glazed door supplier that also fit these, we are looking to replace patio doors the opening is around 2.7m wide and around the same high, we are Trasimeno area and would like to get some quotes but like to hear others experience of the good, the bad, and ones to avoid.thanks in advanceL K



Cannot help you with Umbria; however, I can say that our local fallegnameria took care of everything, and they were quite a few double-glazed PVC windows (an excellent wood imitation) and they had to fit them into a 17th century stone building, which is also qualified. walls are about 70 cm thick and very irregular. We are very happy with them as they insulate the place. Expensive, but worth every cent. My advice would be to contact local trades people. 

Have you tried Edil Canada in Castiglione del Lago? They were always my first port of call when looking for building supplies,diy bits etc.If they can't make them they will know a man who can.Always been very honest and trustworthy,plus most of the family speak English(well,Canadian) If you need contact details let me know..if not there is always Bob the Builder(honest) who has worked in Trasimeno for about 20 years...hope this helps.