Good Morning from New York

05/20/2009 - 10:52

Hello, I was a sometimes user of the Forum. I found a lot of the information shared very useful.I live in New York City. I work on Broadway as a theatre electrician. I own an apartment in a rural complex in the hills high above Tavernelle in the vicinity of Perugia. I bought this place 2.5 years ago with my British cousins. We chose it because there is a caretaker and we are able to come and go without the many headaches of managing an overseas property long distance. Still, when retirement finally comes I'd love to own my own place, starting from scratch on a renovation project to make all the design choices myself. For the meantime we love our corner garden and our few fruit tress. The boars keep turfing up our roses but they were there first so I don't get too mad.I'm a great hunter of antique furniture. I'm always eager to hear of good markets and junk shops.I've been too busy to get over so far this year. I look at photos, talk to friends by email, and yearn to return. I envy you who have made the leap and can enjoy watching your gardens grow day by day.


Welcome missjanem from New York. You will enjoy this community. I also share your love for antique and vintage furniture, but my information is limited to Tuscany. I have heard that the Arezzo market is most interesting and I plan to inspect it on my next trip. It takes place on the 1st Sunday of the month. Up to now, i have been going to the Lucca one, on the 3rd Sunday and the Florence one on the 4th Sunday of each month.

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I visited the Arezzo Antique Market about 18 months ago. It was fascinating, spreading over the main piazza and many surrounding streets. Everything was being sold from antiques to kitsch to ex kitchen cabinets to Murano chandeliers. Leave plenty of time to browse and enjoy