Has anyone tried TV when away company

07/29/2015 - 15:07

Has anyone tried TV when away company ?    https://www.tvwhenaway.co.uk.  Are they any good ?  Thanks



Well had a look at the site and... why would anyone look at such stuff... Okay, not a tv person as we have more than enough pleasure here in Italy to not want to waste our time (I know some do) on UK TV.. So, going back to your other post on Internet... Until you get this sorted, this post is kind of immaterial ...  These people offer you nothing (unless I've missed something) over Filmon.  If you have not heard of the latter, then you really do need to start doing some home work ....  Offended, so would I be, but I would at least think about what has been said … There is some good intention… smiley