Hello all. We are planning on driving

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07/11/2019 - 08:56

Hello all. We are planning on driving down to Pisa from the UK in August and wondered if anyone would know the best route to take avoiding the expensive tolls? We have allocated 3 days to travel down as we are taking the kids and want frequent (ish) breaks. We will be stopping overnight in 2 places so any recommendations for good places to stay/visit would also be appreciated. We will more than likely be using AirBNB. Thanks in advance. 



Toll free route through France [motorwys passing by the following];-

  • Calais - Dunkirk - Lille - Mons - Luxembourg [Fill up with fuel at motorway services just before leaving Luxembourg - cheapest petrol on route] - Metz - Nancy.  All motorway with no tolls
  • Nancy - Mulhouse [or Nancy - Colmar - Mulhouse] much dual carriage way, except when going over the 'hills'.
  • Mulhouse into Germany and down autobahn towards Basel [not Mulhouse - Basel direct]
  • Turn off onto autobahn to Lorrach and Rheinfelden and into Switzerland ...............Note - pick up Swiss Motorway Vignette at Bad Bellingham services on first Autiobahn
  • On to Lucerne and Gotthard Tunnel.  [Thus avoiding risk of traffic/customs problems in Basle]
  • on to Italy, paying as necessary on Italian Autostradas.

Journey time from Calais to Pisa - approx 16 hoursStops to suit what time you started from UK -mprobably after 3 hrs on day 1, 8 hrs on day 2 and leavibng approx 5 hrs into PisaSuggest the Eurotunnel rather than the Ferries - will save about 2 hrs [minimum] on journey time [unless you need a decent break and a meal -motherwise the Tunnel is so much simpler] Good luck