Hello  can you tell me what the translation is

08/17/2020 - 07:15

Hello  can you tell me what the translation is for undercoat paint?  we're painting over wood and think we're better off starting with an undercoat (rather than needing to do 5 layers of top coat like I've done in the past)?

Seen lots of paint in the F.A.I. shops, including the mix your own colour at home paints, but haven't come across the undercoat paints yet. 





If you are painting on wood, I'd suggest you need to start with a wood primer  followed by the undercoat and the top coat.

Google translate may help  but I'm sure an Italian speaker will respond here with the correct terminology.

Good luck

primer on bare wood is a good start.  You can now get UK type primer from big Brico stores, and its called primer.  Otherwise you will get theitalian version which is notoriously difficult to get togrips with as it becomes lumpy, dries too quickly and needs constant thinning with white spirit.  Its called cementita.