Hello everyone! I am from Brazil living

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08/03/2017 - 04:36

Hello everyone! I am from Brazil living in Italy for two years. I am a resident in Sardinia. If there is anyone who is thinking of moving in here that I can help out with any advices and suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are also a foreigner and live already on the island and would like to go for a coffee and meet other foreigners would be great to meet new people!! Have a great day!! Lais



Hello, my name is Susan. We are retired and live in Florida, USA. Ever since we visited Italy last May, we fell in love with Italy and are seriously considered moving to Italy. We especially liked the Amalfi coast and Sorrento area. We love beaches and sea views. We are both still active. I have been researching all I can about retiring in Italy. I never thought about Sardenia until I saw your post. Can you tell us more about Sardenia? We prefer a small town or countryside. Is it affordable for retired persons living on social security and savings? I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

Hello Susan,If you love beaches and sea views Sardinia is the best place to live. Sardinia's a very quiet island with a very good weather during the whole year and a fascinating landscape. Italians always say that in the south part of Italy is where you find the best people and the best food and it's very truth. It is the perfect place for retiring as you can keep yourself busy with open air activites, it's a very safe place and the cost of living is still very low compering to other regions in Italy. Places like Bosa, Alghero, Valedoria are small cities, close to the sea and still with good real estate prices. If you decide to movie in here and need any suggestions also regarding to visa and immigration law I can find out for you. Have a great day!Lais