Hello everyone,I am looking for some

09/12/2019 - 20:04

Hello everyone,I am looking for some guidance in purchasing a ktichen in the Province of Consenza.  I will be purchasing a home that needs a new kitchen.  I would like to work with a local tradesman/woman if possible, but would also like to explore the idea of a ready to install kitchen.  Also, can anyone tell me about this region?  We have been drawn here by the low costs and the sea, but want to be sure it is safe.  Thank you for any help.  I am so very very excited to begin our Italian life!!Grazie!



Both Ikea and Bama have ready to install kitchens and Bama will install them for you. We are in the province of Cosenza in Santa Domenica Talao. Our village is very safe and wonderful. The Bama is a huge furniture and kitchen/bathroom manufacturer and they deliver into the hill towns. Ikea is in Salerno so a bit of a drive. Mama is in Sant Maria del Cedro and Diamante. I don't know where in Cosenza you are but I hope this helps.