Hello everyone,Ok... here's the thing. It is my birthday

05/23/2009 - 06:51

Hello everyone,

Ok... here's the thing. It is my birthday on friday (yuckky!) and my beloved and I were off to Malta for a couple of nights to uncelebrate the fact that I am past my prime! However, as some of you may know I am headed with Sarah on Tuesday to collect 'Ditters' who was Richard Soar's male Maremma Sheepdog puppy.
(Richard sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago)

I didn't feel that I could justify leaving a new dog, especially such a youngster with babysitters so soon after his arrival so have cancelled our Malta trip (wince) so...

I was thinking... how many of you really would be up for a Thai meal at Le Querce? If I can get an idea of numbers then I can call Paolo and see if I can organise my own birthday party!!! Hrmmmph.

I doubt it will be on my birthday (29th May) as Friday and Saturday are pizza nights so I am going to try for Wednesday the 3rd June.

You are all invited to put your name down (with number in your party) under this post.

Should it transpire that I am 'Billy no Mates' I'll whip 'meself' up a tuna sarnie and be done with it!




Just to add an idea; at the Pizzeria in Pagliari on Tuesday nights they have Indian Meal Night. The Pizzeria is run by a family from India; are passionate about cricket (one of the family who is staying at the mo. is at pro-cricket level) and guarantee a real hearty welcome. We've been along for the Indian Night (you need to be minimum in 4) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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... you want me to have two parties huh? One at at Querce and one up at your Pizzeria/Indian - Moxie thinks - If it means double presents I'll do it!

Right Andrew on a very serious note are you coming to my party or not? How many kms away are you anyway?

reminds me of the situation that many of you home builders and reconstruction fanatics have experienced in the past, but instead it relates to builders and food; now you've tried the Cowboys; come and try the Indians!I've been in touch with the Museum of Rugby at Twickenham to see if they will in fact return my shorts on hold in their strongroom, however it may be that 'shorts' will have to become 'longs' due to the impending zanzari problems.Maybe be able to borrow a pair from my mate; trouble is he has 5 wi**ies. His shorts fit him like a glove.Enough!!!

Yo Moxie; we're about 50 kms away from you; the other side of Offida; so, a mere stone's throw. We'll be there at Le Querce on Wed 3rd June. Time? (2 of us - Andrew + Jean)

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Neat  will keep you updated as to times etc just trying to get an idea as to numbers first Andrew RugbyBall.I am now, with 15 people willingly coming to my party, officially borderline popular - I'm impressed. Any more takers?Mox 

NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!There is no Thai food at Le Querce - Urban Myth?My party is ruined (sniff) (SNIFF) don't 'spose anyone will want to come now?Aha! Idea  hows about we make it a joint birthday party for me and Angie's Robert??? Then everybody will still come and I can pretend that they came for me!! Huzzah!I am so sorry people I believed what I read in my own wikki! Off to put that right now... 

A meal that was to be ThaiFor me could be Shepherd's PieMeet and have a laughCurry House or Caff.Non importe, just the chance to say "Hi"What Moxie has on her plateI'm sure will make the night greatA Burger or PizzaWill be sure to pleaze herSo don't let's get in a state  

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Blimey Andrew, they did teach you well at the old EBGS!, please dont let me sing the old school song after a few drinks. Moxie and Sarah have gone to Abruzzo to pick up the puppy today so a bit lonely in the community without them, or a bit quiet!!!A 

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Hullo Andrew and Jean,The restaurant is not in the village itself but rather under it on the side of the hill facing Penna San Giovanni, so head for P S G then as you are coming down the hill with Monte San Martino behind you you will see a sign for Pizzeria Le Querce on your left. Take this white road back up the hill to the restaurant - I'll PM you telephone numbers so one of us can rescue you if you get lost.Will check out google maps in a sec to see how useful it will prove.7.15pm for aperitivi...

Andrew maybe if you could input this:-Via Barchetta, 63, 62020 Monte San Martino (MC), Italy (Ristorante Pizzeria Le Querce Di Furiani G.)as your destination on google maps you'll be ok - if not we will come and rescue you from the town.Tip -  If you cross the bridge at the bottom of the valley you have missed the turning!!We are all really looking forward to meeting you both.

Hi Guys, whilst we have been continuing the cherry harvest (and processing of said harvest!) you have clearly been busy on the system.The party sounds a lovely idea but don't think we can make Wednesday night - if things free up then we'll get back to you asapSorry to be so tardi with m y responses - I've obviously got to check in to this a bit more often if I'm going to be more timely!!Terry (and Mike who is somewhere in the shed, sorting all things shed-like!)

...Sniff Sniff Sniff...Hope you can make it Terry (and Mike in the shed), but if not we'll see you at the BBQ on the 21st ?Fingers crossed for both events but the BBQ is the really important one!Good luck with the harvest.Moxie

So how was it - hope you all had a wonderful time, the Querche is our local and the anti pasti there is just fantastic. Would have loved to have been there with you. Happy bday Moxie!Twas great to meet a few of you at the picnic last month.Would love to be there for the barbie too but alas will be in Uk. We are coming out on a bit of a surprise trip next Tue to Sat so poss meet up with some of you then? If anyone fancies coming round for a dip you're most welcome, sposed be getting rather warm next week I hear.  Am x

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Dear Am,My party woz gud. Sum peeple came an we 8 sum food witch woz ok but no jelly an eyescream witch woz bad but they gived us sum strawberrys witch woz ok. Mummy says I am aloud over to your house next weak fanxMoxPS will ver bee eyescream??