Hello Has anything changed with notifying theAgenziadelle Entrateabout the"Dichiarazione

05/30/2021 - 06:03

Hello  Has anything changed with notifying the Agenzia delle Entrate about the "Dichiarazione sostitutiva relativa al canone di abbonamento alla televisione per uso privato"?

My Italian friend has told me that this notification that there is no TV in the home no longer needs to be done each year for non-residents however this doesn't seem right  -  I thought that the more paperwork the better for Italian systems.

Thank you



I've just read the guidance on form completion and it says nothing about special arrangements for non residents. Perhaps others are better informed. I used to do without a TV but I quite like having one even for a spot of language training.

Thanks Tony.  I know, I think there is a reference to non-residents who have a TV needing to pay the bill but nothing that actually states non-residents without a TV don't have to complete the annual form.

I think I'll go back to my friend and submit the form anyway just to make sure.