Hello, I am considering buying a house

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08/27/2017 - 04:13

Hello, I am considering buying a house in Umbria that needs restoration.  It looks in relatively good nick but is not habitable according the the real estate. Do I need a certificate of habitation before I can start using the property. It is only for our use, not to rent out.  We don't mind going a little 'rustico' until we renovate but was wondering if the comune can stop you staying on the property until all restorations are done.  It is fully furnished and has a bathroom and kitchen so was being lived in but as new owners (and foreign) just wondering what the deal is with 'non-abitabile'? Thank you



Josie ,,, sometimes, realtors, have an interest in selling the restoration.... :) It would be interesting to have some information to find out whether a request for abilitation submitted to the municipality could be successful at the present time. 1> the seller, lives in the house? , And if he does not live, how old is the house uninhabited?2> there are active laces, electricity and drinking water,3> there is an input port and the windows that can be closed4> there is a way to get to the house, with a car5> there is a bathroom that can be used6> there is a kitchen with a sink to wash the dishes -Here are the minimum requirements for habitability - So much depends on the surveyor who submits the request to the municipality and certainly from the employees of the municipality

I spoke to an architect friend yesterday and he confirmed that you do not haave to have a certificato di abitabilità (if that is what you are talking about). In fact most houses do not have one. There should be no problem in occupying the house 

Agibilità or Abitabilità is obligatory on new properties, ones that have been built recently or ones that have had significant restoration in the last few years.   It is not obligatory for unrestored old houses   If you buy and do restoration work then you will be obliged to release the certfication.    Obviously this assumes that you are buying a house (castasto as an A/) and not a garage /barn that someone has decided to live in,