Hello,  I am searching fort the

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09/10/2017 - 18:31

Hello,  I am searching fort the email and telephone number of the Comune in Gizzeria Italy.  It is in the region of Cantanzara in Calabria.  Can anyone guide me?  I have looked at the town website and have googled it in every way I could to no avail. I am trying to find out if they have registered my niece and nephew who went through the process of dual citizenship 6 months ago.  All documents were in order so wondering if it is registeredin Italy and they just haven't gotten back to them to confirm their citizenship.  Mine and others received their confirmation within 4 months so getting concerned. Of course the Consulate will not respond to request to find out.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Grazie



Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly.  I will follow information.  I am trying to find out if my niece and nephew are already registered in te Comune. They had their citizenship appointment 6 months ago and haven't heard from Consulate in Miami as to whether they were accepted.  That happened to me and when I contacted the Comune they had already registered me but Consulate in Chicago failed to let me know that I had been accepted.  Anyway thought I would check.  Is there anyone out there who speaks better Italian than me who could proof read an email to them?  Thank you guys.  I love this site.  I so appreciate you all out there willing to help.  Grazie Mille