Hello, I just recently bought a little

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10/10/2018 - 00:10

Hello, I just recently bought a little apartment in the historical centre of a little hilltop town in the province of Perugia.  We need to do some renovations on it but before we start we need to clean up the mess that was left behind.  The previous owner had started to remove the plaster from most of the walls in the flat and just through all the rubble down the stairs into the little cantina which is below the flat and accessible through the kitchen floor. There is also old furniture and other rubbish piled up in the living area.  To have a clean slate to begin putting the flat back together I need to get rid of this rubbish and debris but don't know who does this kind of a job in Italy.  One problem we do have is that our building faces a laneway and backs onto a laneway, neither of which are car accessible.  Can anyone give me advice on how I should go about clearing this flat so we can get started on renovating.Thank you



Sorry to hear of such a bad start, but it is perhaps a good warning to others thinking of buying, specify in the contract of sale there is to be no rubbish left in or around the property. We did this and it worked apart from the fact they also took the kitchen sink! We knew there was a good chance the rest of the ktchen would go, but not the sink...I think it is going to cost you to get rid of the rubble, but not too sure of who would deal with such, hopefully someone else on here will know - good luck!

Yes I gathered I would probably have to pay for it but I just don't know who to ask or who would do it. Here there are companies and/or people you can contact to do this sort of thing but not really sure where to start looking. Thanks for the reply

HelloI think in Perugia, like in alltowns, there is a service to collect big rubbish and debris from a property through the local Refuse service. If you give them a call they will tell you moreGood luck!