Hello I need advise on how to manage

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10/09/2019 - 17:22

Hello I need advise on how to manage the condominio and a very horrid situation I find myself in with the new Italian neighbors. I arrrived from Canada last year while renovations on our new condo were finishing up. All the neighbors were 'pissed' off our work on a 1980s condo was going on and disrupting thier 'peace' and according to our achitect and workers daily spying on us from the roof including progress and anything else they could, they even were taking photos of the inside of our home and circulating them via sms and WhatsApp with no permission. The neighbors were (according to the workers) on the roof, taking pictures of the work, inside my top floor apartment, including of the bathroom view from roof, and verbally managing and advising my workers (with no legal nor formal complaint nor grounds to do so) what they were and not to do.  They even had my workers stop work on the patio with no legal grounds... including stopping work on new sun tents, 2020 technology, and insisting they put in 1960 technology.  My architect had noted to the condominio we would make them 'look the same' as required but be of pvc vs cotton as our volume of sun/water on the top floor was why the sun tents had never worked and always held 100s of liters of water and broken often in the wind. (we have 100msq of open patio) Regardless we lost our investment in motors and electric and 2020 tech and installed the 1960 technology as the neighbors harrassed my workers and architect and verbally told them what they could do (with no legal proceeding) while I was abroad, and threatened vigili, though my architect and workers were doing nothing out of code. Now since we moved in a year ago, the neighbors have continued to spy on us from the roof in our private patio and windows, and worse arrived after each large rain to scream that our 1960 tents, which THEY insisted on, hold too much water and when we close them the water runs down to their balconies (which was the exact problem of previous owners which my architect tried to resolve with 2020 tech which they stopped work on without my agreement while I was abroad). I am really frightened as the neighbors scream at us, and they are all so angry and I am not sure if it is just the tents or also because we are new immigrants who do not speak Italian well.The other day my dauther (just turned 6 last week) was met with the angriest young woman/daughter of family who lives below, whose father was irrate with us over water in the 1960s tents, she smashed the garage door on my hand and knocked my daughter against the wall of the stairs as she smashed her way by us, she was furious.  No excuse me nor apologies just smashes.   I am not sure if this is normal and regular angry condominium neighbors so famous in Rome, a rise in fascism or just general brutta Roman behavior.  Regardless we cannot live this way it is so toxic and frightening.  We really need to fight back and put them in their place and regain our privacy and peace before they hurt us badly. I am wondering what our rights are to;a. put in 2020 technology in the tents so the nighbors are not angry about the volume of patio water we have in our tentsb. STOP THE SPYING!  Is legal for them to continuously go on the roof to look into our balconies and home, and spy on us?  Including watching my then 5 year old daughter play or nap?c. Stop the anti-immigrant anger.  Do we have legal grounds for my fear for us as immigrants, they curse and yell at us, me and my 6 year old daughter regularly, much of which we don't understand.  Once they even broke my car mirror IN our reserved underground parking! I am really uncomfortable and feel I am living in an fascist nightmare one would not suspect in 2019 Italy.   I appreciate any legal advice and reference to lawyers that can assist me in a-c above, or should we just call the police when we are frightened or spyed on?  Do we have grounds under Itallian law?  If someone did this to us in Canada the cops would be called daily... but as a new immigrant I don't know what my rights are.



Im really sorry tohear your situation.  I woud get in touch immediatel wih Charlotte Oliver http://www.oliverpartners.it/our-team/charlotte-oliver/a lawyer based in Rome who will know what to do.    She's helped loads of people and was active on various forums.  She knows her stuff. Condominum law can be incredibly complicated, but your neighbours seem horrendous.