Hello, one more question!  Is it

02/14/2018 - 11:07

Hello, one more question!  Is it relatively easy to open a bank account in Italy?  My brother lives in the UK and is going over to Italy this summer and hopes to open an account there.  He will be bringing a passport and driving license with him.  He has a small flat in Campania but we only stay there every 2-3 years.  Will he need any other ID?  One of our Italian cousins will be accompanying him.  Many thanks everyone.



Thank you.  Ive just been reading about codice fiscale!  We are both dual nationality (born in the UK to Italian parents).  Applying for one can be done via the Italian Consulate, Ive just read, so a little easier than i first thought.  Good idea to choose the bank ahead of time.  Anything to smooth that Italian beurocracy road!  Many thanks.