Hello  We're checking out travel restrictions for car travel

12/22/2020 - 11:33

Hello  We're checking out travel restrictions for car travel from Italy to the UK but are having trouble establishing exactly if we can make a stay overnight in Germany before travelling onto France without needing to quarantine.

Does entering Germany and staying overnight mean we need to do a mandatory quarantine stay in Germany?


Thank you 



Few questions

1.  When are you intending to travel?

2.  Preferred route?  From where?

3   How many overnight stops

4.  Have you allowed for the probable need for clear Covid test within 3 days of wanting to cross the Channel?

Extremely likely that you will land in a Tier 4 area, (if not total lockdown), so you may be stopped from travelling in UK - £10K fine possible. 


Seriously,  I'd leave it for a month or so - but it won't be easy,  even then







Thanks Alan.  We looked again at Germany and decided to avoid it altogether, and to travel instead Switzerland France Belgium Calais and as such are currently in Belgium!

Roads were good, apart from Strasbourg city centre, and we've made good time.

We made the start today because from what I can see things will get worse travel-wise before they get better. We wanted to get back before the New Year before any new rules came into place, not especially for Christmas seeing as we will be isolating for 10 days or 2 weeks anyway as soon as we are home.  

And we will be landing in Tier 4 and also travelling through Tier 4 as quickly as possible.  If we are stopped then we'll have to see what happens.

OK back home on Christmas Eve with a fairly quiet and quick 2-day journey.  Eurostar into Folkestone was very quiet.  No checks along the way apart from passport control leaving Calais although we have had a text message this morning from the UK Gov reminding us that we're in quarantine.